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Re: [ontolog-forum] Ontology and kantian propositions

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Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2011 13:32:28 -0400
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Doug,    (01)

The definition of 'bachelor' as 'unmarried man' is a common example
that has been kicked around for years.  I admit that I should have
stated that definition explicitly before discussing it further.    (02)

> If Carnap accepted the meaning of "bachelor" as "ummarried man",
> then he should not be uncomfortable considering a priest...    (03)

The example of the Pope as a bachelor is an example that has
also been discussed before, but not by Carnap.  I just used it
to illustrate the kinds of complexities that can arise with
any attempt to formalize an informal notion.    (04)

> The utility of microtheories is not only that conditions of the
> context can be assumed and thus not be required as conditions that
> must be added to rules, but that massive numbers of rules which
> are applicable to other microtheories would not be visible to the
> inference engine, simplifying search if one or more conditions of
> an irrelevant rule happen to match statements in the given context.    (05)

I agree.  I have strongly approved of the idea of a simple core
hierarchy and an open-ended collection of microtheories ever
since I heard the idea from Lenat & Guha back in 1991.    (06)

In fact, I would simplify the core ever further.  I have recommended
the "refrigerator principle" about axioms to include in the core:    (07)

    "When in doubt, throw it out."    (08)

John    (09)

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