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[ontolog-forum] Ontology and kantian propositions

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From: Marcelino Sente <zaratruta@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2011 12:21:49 -0300
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Hello Rich. Thank you for answering my post.

Initially, I would like to say that I am also an amateur in Kant. I'm reading and rereading his work to try to understand it. I also think that the text of Kant is a bit obscure and difficult.

I also have some problem with the Kantian distinction between a priori and aposteriori knowledge.

Regarding the distinction between analytic and synthetic propositions, it seems that my impressions to fit you. I saw this relationship with the area of ontologies,but also do not know if it is correct. I searched the literature and found no work that makes this relationship with ontologies. I am interested in finding out ifthere is something to explore in ontologies (ontology engineering, computer science, etc.) using these Kantian distinctions.


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