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[ontolog-forum] Ontology and kantian propositions

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Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 16:41:14 -0300
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This discussion was very helpful. Especially regarding the problem of defining empirical concepts with the necessary and sufficient conditions.

Recently, I studied the work of Roch (basic-level categories, prototypes, ...), but unfortunately I'm not familiar with the Wittgenstein's notion of "family resemblance".

Is there some work that articulate these difficulties to define empirical concepts and provides an overview of the discussions in this issue (which relates the work of Rosch and Wittgenstein in this sense)? 
I'm facing problems of this nature in an ontology for the field of Geology. This overview would be very helpful to me.

PS: I take this opportunity to thank the reference of the book "Introduction to the Philosophy of Science". I'm reading the chapters suggested by John. Reading has clarified many issues that had been formulated intuitively. In addition, the book is thought-provoking.


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