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What you say below is consistent with what I said.  Just one qualification:  a plan is always a list of *proposed* actions.  After the plan is executed, they can be discussed as completed actions.  But as long as it remains a plan, they are in the future.  And as Robert Burns said, "The best laid plans o' mice and men gang aft agley."

Don't count your planned chickens before they're hatched.

> It's a bit abstract even for a top-down planning approach. Any plan is a
> list of actions and a set of hierarchical goals, constrained by timing and
> resources. Formulated/created by planning and forecasting, a plan/program
> is an ordered set: <actions, timing, resources, goals>.
> Practiced planning classifications, from the general schema of things to
> projects, strategies, roadmaps and guidelines, master plans and blueprints
> to social plans, political plans, economic plans, business plans, or
> military plans, favour such a pragmatic meaning.
> Try your approach for a strategy, a plan of action, political, economic,
> business, or military, like, say, U.S. plan to invade Iraq. Or, for
> budget, pension plan or employee savings plan. Or, for a master plan of
> sustainable development.
> Azamat
> PS: It appears planning/forecasting is a key characteristic of
> intelligence.

I agree with the PS -- and many animals, including mice, have sufficient intelligence to make plans.


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