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It seems like the current discussion is missing some of the important results from Sparrow's analysis of Kripke's semantics: DId you hear about the accessibility relationship that connects to all worlds where everyone's a pirate? It's called RRRRRRRRRR.

Of course, Jack Sparrow is a fictional character, and the name refers to no pirate living or dead.  However, Thomasson (1999) notes that Kripke was quite willing to admit that Jack Sparrow can refer, not to an actual person, but to an abstract fictional entity. Kripke's remarks  on the subject were made at the 1974 John Locke Lectures, but were not fully developed- Thomasson's work fills in some of the gaps.



Thomasson, Amie (1999) Fiction and Metaphysics. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK.  

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