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Lainaus sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx:    (01)

> The words 'tangible' and 'intangible' do not admit
> gradations of variability.  There is nothing semi-tangible or almost    (02)

The dichotomy to tangible and intangible is also fyzzy in a certain  
sense. We can start with naturalism: everything that exists in  
whatever way is physical. But physical can be divided into two  
categories: concrete/tangible/not mental and  
abstract/intangible/mental. The dichotomy is not absolute in the sense  
that it is agent-related at least in principle. In principle, a  
human's thought could be tangible to a certain sort of an agent. But  
this is only in principle; the dichotomy works very well in practice.    (03)

-Avril    (04)

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