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Re: [ontolog-forum] Relating and Reconciling Ontologies

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From: Patrick Durusau <patrick@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2011 19:21:17 -0400
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Kingsley,    (01)

On 4/26/2011 2:30 PM, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
> On 4/26/11 1:41 PM, Patrick Durusau wrote:
>> Kingsley,
>> On 4/26/2011 8:56 AM, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
>> <snip>
>>> I would also point out that "public access" does not enable anyone to
>>>> make meaningful analysis of data.
>>> Publicly available information is a nice base from which to re-engineer
>>> data sources and underlying data models constrained by some kind of
>>> ontology. That's what middleware facilitates in the data realm today.
>>> We reverse engineer knowledge, information, and data everyday as
>>> cognitive beings. Computers are simply catching up to what we've done
>>> for eons :-)
>> You missed my point.
> Sorry I did not :-)
>> Availability of data != Competence to analyze data.
> I didn't imply that. It doesn't work that way in the real-world so why
> would it be any different if the data is digital?
>> And since you mention it, middleware cannot confer competence to analyze
>> data either.
> "competence" is subjective, just like "quality" when dealing with data.
> You have two constants that are timelessly critical: data and context
> lenses of the beholder.
>    (02)

Subjective or not, your middleware cannot confer competence.    (03)

>> Given the lack of experience at the depths Deep Horizon was operating,
>> even detailed information would have been of little use to anyone
>> outside a fairly narrow pool of experts.
> Not so, and not my point.
How is that "Not so...."?    (04)

> I am saying, every action that results in the creation of data at an
> Address is really part of a conversation (of sorts). Put differently,
> interacting with data via Addresses is akin to interacting with  jigsaw
> puzzle. The InterWeb just adds scale. Remember, URIs are basically data
> conduction mechanisms. The ubiquity of the InterWeb alters the scale of
> jigsaw puzzle and players of the jigsaw puzzle game.    (05)

To quote your incessant "inherently subjective" line, that applies to 
your "Interweb" and its utility as well.    (06)

>> Middleware might assist those experts but they would need domain
>> expertise before the software would be of any use.
> There is never a time when Subject Matter expertise isn't relevant, the
> issue is that the aforementioned designation is inherently subjective
> due to context fluidity that's inherent in cognitive space.
I can't tell what you meant to say with that paragraph. I await further 
clarification.    (07)

> The key remains this, re. the global InterWeb: just make your
> contribution. The Global WWW is just middleware too, it is situated (re.
> data conduction) between 'You', 'Others', and 'I'  :-)
Key to what? A roar of noise (data) that may or may not be relevant, 
useful, correct, etc.?    (08)

Hope you are having a great day!    (09)

Patrick    (010)

> Kingsley
>> Hope you are having a great day!
>> Patrick
>>>> Hope you are having a great day!
>>>> Patrick
>    (011)

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