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Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 10:55:19 +1100
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> It would be interesting to see the taxonomy, for example, ‘shape’ is the first under ‘people’.
> Thanks for sharing this interesting service!

Our pleasure, Marcia :-)

What you found is a basic categorisation that wik.me uses to group concepts - mainly for page presentation purposes.  wik.me/1 is what you get when it can't find any concept that closely matches your search.

The real "taxonomy" is derived from WordNet - the top level concepts can be traced directly to WordNet noun synsets.  WordNet is a fantastic resource, and this has been a common strategy.  Root is "entity" at http://wik.me/2s .

I mentioned in my first post to this forum that our aim was to create a structure that could serve as a kind of devolved universal ontology/universal data schema. The challenge has been to find a structure that maintains this universality, but still offers some usefulness.  What we have at the moment has even fewer axioms than WordNet - and I'm sure we could introduce more.  It's a work-in-progress, and I'd certainly value the input of anyone on this forum who is interested.


On 28 February 2011 03:44, ZENG, MARCIA <mzeng@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I happen to find the taxonomy behind wik.me, starting from the high level:  
  • organization   
  • person   
  • production    
  • location   
  • event   

At each ‘category’ there is also a synonym ring, for example, e.g.:


Of people, organism and causal agent     May also be referred to as individual, mortal, somebody, someone and soul.

A human being; "there was too much for one person to do".

It would be interesting to see the taxonomy, for example, ‘shape’ is the first under ‘people’.
Thanks for sharing this interesting service!

On 2/27/11 4:12 AM, "Stephen Young" <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Pavithra, I think you must have misspelled "Einstein".   http://search.wik.me/search.htm?words=Albert+Einstein  returns 20+ concepts named for Albert Einstein - and the topmost result is the man himself.  And that list is something you CANNOT get from Google.

Clicking the top result http://wik.me/lfn2 ("Albert Einstein") also gives you something you can't get from Google - a self-organised presentation of what wik.me <http://wik.me>  "knows" about Einstein.  Google knows *nothing* about Einstein but where to find pages that contain the string "Albert Einstein".

Structured data is always going to permit greater functionality than keyword indexing.  If it didn't, you and I wouldn't have a job ;-)

But of course Google is more robust - it would have detected your spelling mistake and given you the most-likely valid alternative.  So it should be with 2000 engineers and over a decade of refinement.

wik.me <http://wik.me>  can also only return results based on the data it has mapped, which means it's a valid alternative to Google for only a minority of searches.  Our estimates suggest that with all organisations, products and services in, we should give a much better experience for around 65% of all searches currently made against Google.  That's next.


Stephen Young
CEO @ factnexus.com
Architect @ wik.me
Founding member @ knowledgerights.org

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