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Re: [ontolog-forum] Foundation ontology, CYC, and Mapping

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Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 14:49:23 -0500
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   The FO project as I have suggested it would include the task of finding the 
set of primitives that would allow logical descriptions of the elements in the 
domain ontologies that are being linked to the FO during the testing phase.  
The use of the (multiple) meanings for the words of the Longman defining 
vocabulary is solely a "preemptive" tactic to try to include all the other 
primitives that might be needed as *additional* ontologies are linked to the 
FO.  But even that is unlikely to create a complete list - the goal is just to 
try to anticipate what new primitives might be needed so as to reduce the 
likelihood of the FO needing extensive supplementation as time goes on.    (01)

[SB] > If you want to define a set of "primitives", one would need to
> a) demonstrate that complex ideas can be generated from the primatives
> by the addition of predicates which would allow support the semiotic
> inferences needed
> b) demonstrate that the whole system of predicates would not lead to an
> inconsistent or incomplete understanding of the world;
>    (02)

[PC]   I have no ambition to include a *complete* understanding of the world, 
and being as that seems impossible I am not sure what you mean in this context. 
 As for demonstrating that complex ideas can be generated from the primitives, 
that is simple for test cases; but I don't know what you mean by supporting 
semiotic inferences.  Perhaps an illustration?    (03)

[SB] > > 
> I suspect that what you want is a decent data exchange standard, of
> which there are already hundreds, if not thousands. More specifically, where
> you need to start is the big, integrative standards, such as ISO 10303, ISO
> 15926, GJXML, ....
> If you could start by unifying the first three, that would be a great
> help
> :-).    (04)

[PC]   Those would be standards that would be very important to include in the 
FO project, as well as dozens of others (though I think the NIEM might suffice 
rather than GJXDM).  But I do not expect that any small project linking two or 
three such standards will have much effect, and even that could not be done 
convincingly by one person.  In addition to demonstrating that a wide variety 
of different local standards can be integrated using the FO, I think it will be 
necessary for the users to create and make public different applications based 
on ontologies or databases linked to the FO, and demonstrate that those 
applications can accurately interoperate.  At this point I think that the most 
vital thing missing is **public open-source** applications using ontologies to 
drag the topic out of the etheral realm of theory into the real world for the 
vast armies of potential users with no interest in the details of ontology 
construction.  I also think that without a NL interface the result will be very 
difficult to use.  This requires considerable work.  On my own I do intend to 
do some small tests of the FO principle (progressing slowly), but do not expect 
anyone to be convinced by that.  
   I think that a centrally controlled multi-group effort is necessary - or 
perhaps something will be forced on us by Google or Microsoft.  I also expect 
that an FO will eventually be adopted, as the rationale is very compelling to 
me.  But *how* we will get from here to there could go by a number of different 
paths.  I just think that the FO project is the most direct, and fastest.  I 
would be intrigued by any other method suggested to get to the same result 
quickly.    (05)

Pat    (06)

Patrick Cassidy
cell: 908-565-4053
cassidy@xxxxxxxxx    (07)

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