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Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 14:43:45 +0000
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thanks to a link posted in another forum
(thanks DM/TGL)

i come across the notion of Logical Types
specificaly interested in 'correct logical types

I know it may be too far a philosophical push fror some on this list

 I am rushing around and dont have much time to study/discuss in depth

i hope it is of interest, so posting for reference


proposes a systems thnking view of logical stances

quasi random excerpts

Relativity requires that we consider the dimension of time on a par with the spatial dimensions, thus making a block universe inevitable. The concept of change can be recovered by considering a sequence of definitions of the block universe, and thus the passage of time can be considered to be the change of this definition, resulting in a sequence of block universes as transtemporal reality

6 Logical Type
In order to make the ideas more accessible I have described the process as one of experiencing, but this is the subjective perspective of the underlying phenomenon, the indexical change of the functional frame of reference, the exercise of the collapse dynamics, which is on this view an emergent property of the system as a whole. That the collapse dynamics is meta to the physical is at first a very counterintuitive idea, but this is what is required to give rise to a process of the correct logical type. Given that all of the moments exist in static array, iteration is required in order for there to be any transtemporal phenomena, and a transition through a succession of definitions of the linear dynamics is a process meta to the physical; the linear dynamics is the logical arrangement of interactions of the matter and energy in the spacetime of the universe, and the change to this layout is of a different logical type to the layout itself.

What would be required is something that is to the moments as the projector is to the movie, something that contains all the moments and iterates the sequence. Clearly only the unitary system as a whole contains all the moments of any given sequence. Additionally, the only possible _expression_ of the necessary logical type for an iterator is an emergent property of the system as a whole; only the system as a whole is of the correct logical type to change the functional frame of reference from one block universe to another, giving rise to the appearance of collapse described by Everett. Objectively this transtemporal process is the collapse dynamics, subjectively it is phenomenal consciousness passing through time.

end exerpts

Paola Di Maio
“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
Albert Einstein

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