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Re: [ontolog-forum] Last Call: OWL 2 and rdf:text primitive datatype

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From: John Bottoms <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2009 12:01:17 -0400
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Hi All,    (01)

I must be daft!! I have started looking at the OWL 2 documents
and I'm bumfuzzled. I'm sure there are many very bright people
who have contributed to and designed this language. But the
documents do not communicate it very well. Sometimes that is
the intension, I hope that is not the case here.    (02)

Specifically, I notice some things about the overview document.
1. The figure 1 image is said to show the language. It doesn't
    look like any language structure I've seen. Normally, I
    would expect to see some initial assumptions or operating
    characteristics and perhaps a BNF or other more formal
    representation. I would also expect to see a few examples
    to show how those language features are used.    (03)

2. The ellipse shows both "ontology structure" and "RDF graph"
    as part of the language. Can that be right? Is the maping
    also part of the language?    (04)

3. Parsing is shown to be possible for importing from a number of
    other document types. Again, are these part of the language?
    I could envision that import and export functions could be.
    Are the parsers part of the language or are they external
    tools?    (05)

4. Direct (OWL 2?) semantics and RDF-Based Semantics are both
    shown as part of the diagram. I've worked on systems that
    attempted to include dual semantics and they were very
    difficult to keep synchronized. Am I misreading this?    (06)

I'm not a technical writer, but what I've read so far clearly does
not communicate for me. It would be a useful exercise for some
expert with writing skills to provide us with a readable explanation
of what was intended.    (07)

-John Bottoms
  First Star Networks Inc.
  Concord, MA    (08)

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