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Re: [ontolog-forum] An Ontology Modeling Different Age Groups

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From: Joel Bender <jjb5@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 08:54:17 -0400
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I wrote:    (01)

> The online browsers that I found did not describe any value restrictions 
> (like '10 <= pre-teen age < 13', '13 <= teen < 18', 'adult >= 18'), and 
> all I could infer out of the hierarchy was that it is a sub-concept of 
> 'Person categorized by age/Minor/Childhood age person/Pre-teen'.    (02)

My license agreements were all accepted and my hard drives are 650Mb 
richer.  I couldn't find any restrictions because there aren't any.    (03)

This collection of terms is being referred to as a 'taxonomy' which in 
this case, as far as I can tell, allows for common labels of content but 
does allows the user to maintain a local contextual (perhaps country, or 
region) frame of reference.    (04)

I mean that someone can be locally classified pre-teen and exchange that 
label with some other system without implying that the age range applied 
during that classification process is more than locally applicable.    (05)

And I am probably applying the term 'classify' incorrectly, since a 
taxonomy is not a classification system.    (06)

Cecil wrote:    (07)

 > The pregnant woman issue may have something to do with the US
 > centric generation of SNOMED in that in the US...    (08)

The SNOMED content has been vetted with many other countries, so I 
wonder if that US centric view would survive that scrutiny, or is this a 
case where a vast majority of the content is acceptable, plenty to vote 
for a consensus, and other countries simply don't use that portion of 
the standard and have their own local taxonomy.    (09)

 > ... we need to add Neonate age 0-28 days.    (010)

And in creating that classification restriction, I pleased to see that 
the fact that you've switched from 'years' to 'months' and now 'days' 
should not be a problem for semantic engine that has a rich 
interpretation of units, measurements, and time!    (011)

Joel    (012)

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