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Re: [ontolog-forum] An Ontology Modeling Different Age Groups

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From: Joel Bender <jjb5@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 11:32:50 -0400
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Jyoti,    (01)

> I am trying to find an ontology/terminology which models different age 
> groups of a person: infant, teenage, adult etc. I looked at SNOMED-CT, 
> and noticed how a "Person" is categorized by age, but didn't really 
> understand how "age" is associated -- for example, is an 18-year old 
> considered a "pre-teen"?    (02)

The online browsers that I found did not describe any value restrictions 
(like '10 <= pre-teen age < 13', '13 <= teen < 18', 'adult >= 18'), and 
all I could infer out of the hierarchy was that it is a sub-concept of 
'Person categorized by age/Minor/Childhood age person/Pre-teen'.    (03)

I would expect the concepts in this part of the tree to be mutually 
exclusive, but there is nothing that I found that states that explicitly.    (04)

It's interesting to note that 'Pregnant woman' is a sub-concept of 
Adult/Woman, but there is no corresponding term in minors.  There are 
however lots of other 'findings' related to pregnancy, and these do not 
seem to be mutually exclusive.    (05)

Digging into one of the SNOMED specification file(s), rather than 
relying on some web browsers idea of how to present the content, might 
be revealing.    (06)

> I would appreciate your inputs.    (07)

     Well, I thought I'd download the SNOMED-CT content and see if
     there was any more detail.  But after all the pages (clicking on
     "I agree to the terms...") of license agreements and submitting
     my contact information for a request for a license to view the
     contents in all its glory detail...    (08)

     It could take 3 business days to get my application approved,
     and then maybe I can help.    (09)

</grumbling>    (010)

If there are files in multiple formats, maybe at least one has more detail.    (011)

Joel    (012)

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