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If I said I knew the answers, I would be both arrogant and demonstrating a lack of understanding of the full complexity.  I am more of a cowboy coder – just code the next step then sit back and see what happens.  Nevertheless,  I do agree with your perspective on RDF somewhat.  The grounding of meaning (linking the referent and the term) is done via Google observing how people interact with resources.  Their mechanism is very simple yet surprisingly accurate.

I hope Nazzy stays with the Canucks and we go for the cup!


On 16/08/08 1:49 PM, "Rick Murphy" <rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

So Duane, when you say a true semantic web, how do you define true in
terms of the RDF model theory ? Do you agree that RDF model theory does
not claim to provide meaning and only truth ? If so, how would an agent
automate the process you describe below ?

BTW - How's it looking this year for Marcus Naslund and the Canucks ?

Duane Nickull wrote:
> What I envision as a first step towards a true semantic web is a two
> step search interface, powered by ontological work, to disambiguate.
> Users experience would be like this:
> User searches for term “Washington”
> Search index information accessed.
> Search mechanism recognizes more than one ontological node covering the
> plurality of search results.
> Search index returns the ontological nodes to searcher with localized
> labels.  The returning results might state something like” We have found
> more than one type of “washington” in the result collection.  Please let
> us know which of the following interest you:
> (choices)
>     * Mammal<-not living (George Washington)
>     * Mammal<- living (Denzel Washington)
>     * Mineral<-Geographical_Region<-State_Region (Washington State)
>     * Mineral<-Geographical_Region<-City (Washington, DC)
>     * Mineral<Man_Made_Structure (Washington University, Washington
>       Monument)
>     * Mineral<-Gepgraphical_Feature (Mt Washington)
> Etc.
> The user could then disambiguate the search and refine their result set
> to a subset of the original string matching.  Like Google, interactions
> with results for each ontological node set would be the basis for
> further refinement of the search results over time.  The search engine
> would monitor interactions (tracking successful and bounced searches)
> and the algorithm would mutate over time to always provide the most
> relevant result set for the majority of users.
> Duane
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