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at last I have time to read and answer.

1. AOS - any design document should be fine. I know one guy brave enough to create OS on his own. Do you think he should read installments?

Why not create project on sourceforge.net?

2. You wrote "so my question to you related to software engineering, which is where those programmers enter the picture while you would keep them away from ontologies, and for very relevant reasons too."

Consider DB engineering - is this a software engineering? For me it is a very special kind of practice.

but answer itself may be:

2.1. Programmer needs language to query ontology. Well, now it is SPARQL. A language to manipulate I don't know for OWL. May be manipulating with RDF-triples is enough.

And I really think that DBs will evolve to ontologies.

3. You wrote "for me the Semantic Web should be about software engineering, 

and the W3C's famous "layer cake" certainly seems to present a long-hoped-for outcome
of a major software engineering effort, or two, or many, and to want
to provide for indefinitely more such efforts by developers


For me this "cake" has too much "fat" of software technology and only one math "berry" (hidden inside;) - Description Logic. 

Which gives us possibilities (at first time?) to make definitions and of automatically reasoning during query answering or ontology modification.

And one "berry" is absent - "controlled" natural language to access ontology for querying and manipulation. 

Any child after 5 can ask questions and accept answers. Imagine that it is not only you but "Web" talks with him;)

We'll get very educated population, I think;)


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