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To: Duane Nickull <dnickull@xxxxxxxxx>
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From: Rick Murphy <rick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 16:49:02 -0400
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So Duane, when you say a true semantic web, how do you define true in 
terms of the RDF model theory ? Do you agree that RDF model theory does 
not claim to provide meaning and only truth ? If so, how would an agent 
automate the process you describe below ?    (01)

BTW - How's it looking this year for Marcus Naslund and the Canucks ?    (02)

Duane Nickull wrote:
> What I envision as a first step towards a true semantic web is a two 
> step search interface, powered by ontological work, to disambiguate.
> Users experience would be like this:
> User searches for term “Washington”
> Search index information accessed.
> Search mechanism recognizes more than one ontological node covering the 
> plurality of search results.
> Search index returns the ontological nodes to searcher with localized 
> labels.  The returning results might state something like” We have found 
> more than one type of “washington” in the result collection.  Please let 
> us know which of the following interest you:
> (choices)
>     * Mammal<-not living (George Washington)
>     * Mammal<- living (Denzel Washington)
>     * Mineral<-Geographical_Region<-State_Region (Washington State)
>     * Mineral<-Geographical_Region<-City (Washington, DC)
>     * Mineral<Man_Made_Structure (Washington University, Washington
>       Monument)
>     * Mineral<-Gepgraphical_Feature (Mt Washington)
> Etc.
> The user could then disambiguate the search and refine their result set 
> to a subset of the original string matching.  Like Google, interactions 
> with results for each ontological node set would be the basis for 
> further refinement of the search results over time.  The search engine 
> would monitor interactions (tracking successful and bounced searches) 
> and the algorithm would mutate over time to always provide the most 
> relevant result set for the majority of users.
> Duane
> <a 
> “>Search Engine Optimization Tricks</a>
>     (03)

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