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Re: [ontolog-forum] what is open ontology?

To: "[ontolog-forum] " <ontolog-forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "Pat Hayes" <phayes@xxxxxxx>
From: "Christopher Spottiswoode" <cms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 10:08:08 +0200
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Pat,    (01)

You had written in response to Wacek Kusnierczyk:    (02)

>>if you can't?  you know it is there, you know people use it, but 
>>you can't read it, unless you pay, or unless you're 
>>appropriately employed.
>And then its not open source. Its the source that is open, not 
>the code. But this distinction doesnt apply to ontologies since 
>(AFAIK) they don't get compiled to executables.    (03)

With MACK an AOS consists almost entirely of executably compiled 
ontologies driven by interpretable ontologies (MACK "Forms", of 
course).  So also do add-on applications.    (04)

You will start seeing that in the (truly non-mythical!) 4th 
instalment of my "MACK basics" series (which I will post to the 
list today, day jobs permitting...).    (05)

True, the MACK Form does provide for procedurally-coded - but 
highly restricted! - functionality to be associated with it. 
However, such functionality is so closely integrated into the 
Form/ontology framework that it has to be regarded as part of the 
ontology.  So if a coded component changes, that creates a new and 
distinct Form/ontology component of which it is part.  (However, 
thanks.to the MACK provision for usually automatic migration to 
new versions, else via automatically-assisted negotiation, such 
application evolution will usually be transparent and always 
smooth, at least on the technical side.)    (06)

Though the first AOS I am aiming for ("Metaset") will be 100% free 
and open source, in view of its almost completely generic nature, 
I think it will be quite feasible to provide for closed, compiled 
and chargeable add-on application components, though in a very 
controlled way, for security's sake.    (07)

Furthermore, it should be more feasible to provide various forms 
of provenance tracking and microbilling, to incentivize 
open-source contributors, though all within the open-source and 
free operating framework.    (08)

However, neither of those two provisions for non-free components 
or applications are my priority right now.  (I mean that in the 
usual "free beer" sense, not as in "free speech", the latter being 
more nuanced.)    (09)

Finally, since there is this build-up to the OOR Summit, I might 
just add that registry functionality is - or should be - a core 
aspect of the market.  And as I have been emphasizing on the web 
since 1996, "The market is a philosophical instrument in the 
fullest sense, ever proposing and often validating new products as 
better simplifications of reality."    (010)

Then that already much-cited 1996 web page closed with these two 
rather portentous but still strongly true paragraphs (where the 
"soon" promise is, as always, dependent on locating and teaming up 
with collaborators who can see the big picture):    (011)

"I introduced the market first as a philosophical phenomenon and 
then as a technological device. Of course it is commercial too. At 
launch Metaset will have an information-product developer/user 
market integrated with it, in support of the further bootstrapping 
by the multi-developer market of Metaset and other MACK-compliant 
products. It will seed an evolutionary growth process that will 
promote both supply and demand, thus kick-starting a synergy 
between them that will soon lead to the replacement of many 
present software technologies. (And continue to rely heavily on 
"The boosted information-product market will do the same for the 
whole market. On the supply-side, the Civil Society phenomenon 
will rise to a higher quantum level of accuracy and diversity 
throughout the political economy. From the demand-side, more 
convenient and congenial hence fuller democratic involvement will 
ensure a more representative supply. Riding The Mainstream, every 
consumer/citizen will genuinely supply. The medium will be the 
message as never before."    (012)

However, to my great regret it is more than somewhat premature for 
me to attend anythng like an OOR Summit...    (013)

Christopher    (014)

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