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Re: [ontolog-forum] what is open ontology?

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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 16:38:47 -0400
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Denise asked:    (01)

Is the question rather the 'degree of openness' and doesn't this become a
parameter for the Registry?
This discussion is very useful because it raises the question whether someone
could post a description of an
ontology to the registry, for awareness purposes, but characterize it as a
closed or private source.  Also, there are degrees of 'openness' that would need
to be described -- particularly as you move into the repository model (vs.
registry).  Open might mean that you can see all the concepts and their logical
relationships but logic components may not be accessible.  Shouldn't both the
repository and the registry attributes help a person or agent to understand what
about the ontology is and is not accessible, and under what conditions?  Hadn't
seen these issues raised in earlier discussions - thanks to Paola for raising
them.    (02)

>>Pat Hayes wrote:    (03)

>>so why does it make sense to refer to a piece of code as being open (or
>>not)?  well, what would it mean to say that a piece of code was 'open'?
>>a piece of code is a (document consisting of) a collection of statements
>>in a programming language.  you can read/parse/compile/execute the
>>document: how much more 'open' can it get?  if you *can* read it, it
>>can't pobably get more open (unless 'open' implies some sort of licence
>>for modification, redistribution, etc., so that beng able to read a
>>document would not be all one could do with open documents).  but what
>>if you can't?  you know it is there, you know people use it, but you
>>can't read it, unless you pay, or unless you're appropriately employed.    (04)

>>i don't think it makes sense to deny that an ontology could be
>>meaningfully called 'open' (or not).    (05)

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