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Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 15:02:01 -0500
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Rob, Rick, Paola, and Pat,    (01)

Thanks for that reference:    (02)

RF> Have you heard of the "Hutter Prize" for the compression
 > of text by human knowledge?    (03)

I hadn't heard of it, but the current record of an 8 to 1
compression of English text makes the point that English
is very far from being random.  I also like Hutter's ideas
for adapting continuous math of various kinds from physics
to natural languages and AI in general.  As I said before,
I believe that is a very important area for future R & D.    (04)

RM> Actually, the web is neither random or chaotic....    (05)

Thanks for those references.  That adds further support
for the points that some creative mathematics can do
a lot to extract valuable information from the WWW.    (06)

PDM> oh, how I wish I hadnt replied  :-)    (07)

Don't apologize.  Your remarks are well taken.    (08)

PH> I wouldn't say that the Web is chaotic in any informal sense
 > of the word, either.  Messy, it may well be.  Fortunately,
 > 'messy' hasn't yet got a technical meaning.    (09)

That's as good a word as any -- and better than most.  The term
that I used for the mess of what people have in their heads is
'knowledge soup'.  It's extremely fluid, but it has little chunks
of organization bobbing around, like a carrot or morsel of meat.    (010)

Another term is 'complex system'.  That has become a technical term,
but it is appropriate in both the technical and informal senses:    (011)

    Complex System    (012)

John    (013)

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