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Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 10:07:24 -0500
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Pat & All:    (01)

apologies in advance if this is out of context, the volume of posts 
lately has been hard to keep up with ...    (02)

Pat Hayes wrote:
> At 12:01 PM +0700 2/16/08, paola.dimaio@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> John and all
>>     The web may be large and complex, but it is definitely *not* random
>> can we agree on 'chaotic'  instead, which is my interpretation of what 
>> 'random' was intended to purport in the context of this discussion
> 'Chaotic' means that the final state of a system depends on arbitrarily 
> small changes to its input. The Web isn't chaotic in this sense. I 
> wouldn't say that the Web is chaotic in any informal sense of the word, 
> either. Messy, it may well be. Fortunately, 'messy' hasn't yet got a 
> technical meaning.
>     (03)

Actually, the web is neither random or chaotic. It's been show to 
exhibit characteristics of a scale free network which obeys a power law.    (04)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scale-free_network    (05)

Some interesting research regarding how this is getting played out in 
RDF is available here ...    (06)

http://rhizomik.net/livingsw/    (07)

> Pat
>     (08)

Thanks Rick,
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