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Re: [ontolog-forum] Axiomatic ontology

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Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2008 19:14:48 -0500
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Azamat wrote:    (01)

> Don't tax your mind beyond it's limit. If you are an arrant ... unbeliever, 
> instead of God, just put Being, Standard Ontology, etc.    (02)

I acknowledge myself a believer, and that leads me to call it 
presumptuous to think that the "reasoning process of the mind of God" 
can be rendered in a "Standard Ontology" that is formulated in any logic 
the human mind can conceive.  There may indeed be "one Truth", but we 
will never comprehend it in this life.  If we could, there would be no 
need for Faith.  He may have made us "in his own image and likeness", 
but that likeness does not make us divine*, and it is not clear what 
that may mean for our reasoning powers.  I prefer to be more humble than 
Nietzsche in my estimation of human capability.    (03)

So can we talk about reference ontologies and stay away from Supreme 
Beings?  I like rendering to Caesar the things that are Caesar's -- it 
simplifies discussions.    (04)

-Ed    (05)

*Yes, there is a Christian thing about "participating in the Divine 
nature", but I certainly don't want to take the discussion there.    (06)

"It's the oldest rule in the book: rule forty-two."
  -- Charles L. Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), "Alice in Wonderland"    (07)

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