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Coinciding with the discussion between Pat and Avril, that suggested
there was some need to understand NLP, together with the difficulties of
correctly deducing the meaning of Web pages, I found this extract of a
spam apposite:    (01)

"NLP In Business - Free Half-Day Taster Session    (02)

To be successful at leading, influencing, selling, presenting, coaching,
motivating, and negotiating requires excellent communication and
influencing skills. The NLP Toolbox provides an understanding of your
own and others communication styles, thinking patterns, preferences,
behaviours, habits, belief systems and how these affect our results.    (03)

NLP helps you do what you do better, acquiring new skills and tools that
you can immediately apply within both your working environment and your
personal life. It produces fast, impactful results through enhancing
communications, increased personal effectiveness and by taking a more
solutions focused approach. 
"    (04)

While perfectly describing the advantages of NLP, I suspect that the
meaning of NLP is context sensitive, and that a different NLP is meant.    (05)

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