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Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 10:13:22 -0800
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I'm going to take a crack at this too..    (01)

On 12/31/07 6:42 PM, "John F. Sowa" <sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:    (02)

> Yes.  That is why I use the word 'context' in a very precise
> way:  a context is a box (or other enclosure) that delimits
> some statement or conjunction of statements that make some
> assertion about the many different kinds of things that people
> have called contexts.    (03)

Context is a set of zero or more qualifiers that affect various aspects of
the semantics of a given statement.  Different context qualifiers can impact
one or more aspects of the semantics of such statements including
representation terms and concepts.    (04)

Example:    (05)

A glass of water    (06)

Context one:    (07)

Glass of water is sitting on your kitchen table.  To the average Western
observer, it is quite in it's place in this context and is not raised in
one's internal tuple stores.    (08)

Concept:  water, two molecules of hydrogen bound to one of oxygen in a glass
Dangerous: possibly
State: liquid
Use: quenching thirst
Mass: about 200 grams    (09)

Context two:    (010)

You are driving down the road in sub zero weather and the same glass of
water is in the middle of the road.  Since it represents a hazard for your
vehicle, you raise it to the highest layers of consciousness in your
internal tuple stores and give it active attention.    (011)

Concept: same as above
Dangerous: yes
state: solid
Mass: at 100 kph, possibly as high as 4 kg.    (012)

I am not sure if this really conveys what my meaning of context is however
it might be something to aggregate to the holding pen of a context
definition.    (013)

Duane    (014)

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