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Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 09:24:20 -0800
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I'd like to offer to wspeak at an upcoming Thursday to kick off this
discussion by presenting both the UN/CEFACT CCTS Context work and the SOA
RM.  Context was an important design phase aspect of ebXML for both business
information components (data elements) and business processes.  The context
of use was an 8 dimensional matrix that was used to define a generic data
element concept into a very specific business information entity.  To help
illustrate this, here is an example.    (01)

1. Top level data element is "date".  It is represented by a UTC formatted
data object.    (02)

2. If you have a business process for "procurement", you need several dates
on your various documents.    (03)

3. By specializing the generic date object, one would end up designing
information packages that contained a specialized type of data (perhaps
using a EU formatting and adding qualifiers to the metadata.  Qualifers
would turn "date" into "Purchase Order Delivery Date").    (04)

4. By maintaining the reference to the high level date object, the
specialized instance retains some semantic meaning.    (05)

This is highly simplistic and there are lots of pitfalls.  The biggest one
was the exponential explosion of potential specialized instances.  In
UN/CEFACT, the potential numbers was in the trillions of trillions.  This
has been noted by others who have explored this concept.    (06)

ASC (Aspect Scale Context) is also worth considering.    (07)

http://citeseer.ist.psu.edu/685567.html    (08)

As is this reference:    (09)

http://dit.unitn.it/~pavel/cando/    (010)

Duane    (011)

On 12/31/07 12:31 AM, "Pat Hayes" <phayes@xxxxxxx> wrote:    (012)

> Two points. First, it is absolutely not clear what counts as a 'kind
> of context'. IMO the very idea of "context" is so ill-defined as to
> be meaningless as an theoretical tool of analysis.    (013)

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