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On 1/2/08 9:46 AM, "John F. Sowa" <sowa@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:    (01)

> DN> however the concepts should be singular, no?
> What is your criterion of singularity?  See the above examples
> of 'water'.  Or take any word that seems to be univocal, such
> as 'automobile', and consider how its "meaning" has changed
> over the past 100 years.  In 1908, 'automobile' was a synonym
> for 'horseless carriage', but today it refers to things whose
> inner workings a professional auto mechanic from 30 years ago
> would be at a loss in trying to repair.  (Now, they don't even
> try to repair those things, and the "field replaceable units"
> keep getting bigger and bigger.)    (02)

Singular concept (ie - the concept of a car/automobile, horseless carriage)
Yet multiple representation terms (you can call it car, vehicle, automobile
etc.)    (03)

I really liked your water and context discussion and I had used it on this
list before. Water is always water (same item) however based on the context
in which water is, it changes some of its' characteristics.  If temperature
is -25 c, the "state" attribute might change from liquid to solid (yes -
even though ice is still liquid).  In another context, water becomes steam.    (04)

While this stops short of actually really getting into the meat of context,
it helps make the point.    (05)

D    (06)

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