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Re: [ontolog-forum] Start thinking about the 2008 Ontology Summit

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Rick,    (01)

I agree that XSLT is rather limited.    (02)

 > Any suggestions on good languages for writing translations ?
 > I am considering Haskell and oCaml and trying to phase out XSLT.    (03)

Those are good languages, but we have obtained very good results
with Prolog, which was designed as a language for writing
translators.  In fact, the first implementation of Prolog was
by Alain Colmerauer for use in machine translation.    (04)

Interesting point:  Colmerauer founded the Prologia company,
which has a commercial version of Prolog.  In 2005 that company
was bought by Experian, which uses Prolog for checking everybody's
credit rating -- that's a very large application:    (05)

Experian expands risk management capabilities in France with acquisition 
of Prologia    (06)

You might check with Leo Obrst at Mitre and Bill Andersen at
OntologyWorks.  They have also been using Prolog very heavily.
There are many mission-critical applications of Prolog in
various gov't agencies.    (07)

John    (08)

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