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Re: [ontolog-forum] Start thinking about the 2008 Ontology Summit

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Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2007 12:40:14 -0500
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Agreed. Sounds like some good exercises below. Any suggestions on good 
languages for writing translations ? I am considering Haskell and oCaml 
and trying to phase out XSLT.    (01)

Cory, I thought you'd appreciate John's suggestions below regarding UML 
-> CL translations. I look back fondly on the many debates in our 
conference room regarding just this subject !    (02)

John: Happy Holidays to you and your family. Say hi to Arun.    (03)

And Happy Holidays to everyone here on the Ontolog Forum !    (04)

John F. Sowa wrote:
> Rick,
> I think that would be very useful:
>  > At the summit, I'd like to see this scenario generalized
>  > into information flow and IFF.
> But IFF is a theoretical tool that is still under development,
> and the theories, no matter how elegant, won't be accepted
> until people develop mission-critical applications.
> Common Logic is something that practitioners can begin using
> today.  Although I encourage projects like IFF for the long term,
> there are many short-term projects that can be implemented now:
>  1. Adapt the RDF and OWL tools to generate Common Logic as
>     a notation for internal processing.  The CL notation is
>     more compact and efficient for high-performance processing
>     of large volumes of data.
>  2. Write translators from UML and SQL to Common Logic.
>     That would facilitate the integration of both with the
>     Semantic Web tools as well as the huge numbers of working
>     systems that were designed in UML and use relational
>     databases.
>  3. Write translators from KIF, CycL, and rule-based languages
>     to CL in order to promote interoperability between the
>     various knowledge-base systems, the Semantic Web, and
>     current enterprise-level systems.
> No research is necessary for these implementations.  Any
> decent comp. sci. graduate could write the translators
> during the holiday vacation, and some have already been
> written.  However, code developed at universities has to
> be made bullet proof for industrial-strength applications.
>  > Any chance Robert Kent would attend ?
> I don't know.  Send him a note and ask him.    (05)

Will do !    (06)

> John
>     (07)

Thanks Rick,
blog http://spout.rickmurphy.org
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cell 703-201-9129    (08)

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