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Re: [ontolog-forum] electric sheep

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From: Randall R Schulz <rschulz@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 14:59:40 -0800
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On Friday 09 November 2007 14:43, Stavros Macrakis wrote:
> ...
> I joined this mailing list recently, thinking that it was about
> "ontology" in the (arguably trivializing and abusive) computer
> science sense, ... I'd rather not wait until these fields have
> reached their final conclusions (42?).    (01)

Well, as you obviously know, the answer isn't the problem, it's the 
question that's tough...    (02)

> If I have misunderstood, and in fact this mailing list is devoted to
> a foundationalist "general account of reality", then I am in the
> wrong place. If on the other hand it is in fact devoted to the more
> mundane engineering and scientific tasks I sketch above, perhaps the
> more ambitious discussions could find another home?    (03)

I believe your understanding of the charter of this list is accurate. We 
struggle to restrain ourselves, but conversations sometimes drift. This 
list is much better than some I must endure for the sake of those 
exchanges that _are_ on-topic.    (04)

Hang around a while and see if you think it's worth your while.    (05)

>         -s    (06)

Randall Schulz    (07)

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