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Re: [ontolog-forum] Model or Reality

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Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 15:38:47 -0400
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John F. Sowa wrote:
>JA> ... but until we say much more exactly what sort of
>  > "correspondence" we have in mind -- Peirce, after all,
>  > speaks of "triple crrespondences" as key ingredients of
>  > his theory of signs -- we have said very little at all.
> Of course.  But trivializing the correspondence theory
> is a serious mistake because there are many people who
> don't even admit that.
> Take things one step at a time.  If (p & q) is the case, then
> don't condemn somebody for merely saying p.  Peirce never did
> that.  He accepted what they said, and then added q.    (02)

Moi? -- I took my baby steps a long^3 time ago ...    (03)

Peirce did agree with Kant that the correspondence theory gives
us a nominal definition of truth, a "definition in name only".
Is that "condemnation"? -- sounds a bit over the top to me.
Is that "trivializing"? -- in the sense that a nominal def
is the next best thing to a tautology, may be.    (04)

> If you waste your ammunition on people who are half right,
> you won't have enough left for those who are totally wrong.
> John    (05)

It is sufficient for the totally wrong to prevail that
the half-right do nothing to discover the missing half.    (06)

Jon Awbrey    (07)

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