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Re: [ontolog-forum] Vision and Observation

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From: Ingvar Johansson <ingvar.johansson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 14:40:11 +0200
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Jon Awbrey schrieb:
> IJ: The correspondence theory of truth is not semantically mystical.
> Ingvar,
> Of course it makes good sense to say what you said.
> >From the epistemological stance of everyday life and the semantics
> of ordinary language, it makes good sense for me to say that what
> I see outside my window where I am at the moment corresponds to
> what has been said when I say, "the sun rose this morning".
> But what it means to say, "the sun rose this morning", is a thing
> that can take several thousand years of human scientific inquiry
> to clarify just what it means for a given application, context,
> intent, or objective.
> And what we have been talking about here is part of a project that
> began some 50 odd years ago, just since I've been paying attention,
> that is trying to bring machines with absolutely zero innate sense
> of our everyday life and our ordinary language into a condition of --
> not just confluence with but -- enlightening interaction with them.
> I think that will take a little more work on our parts ...
>       (01)

Sure. But there is no need for you to start to discuss whether the 
correspondence theory of truth is semantically meaningful or not.    (02)

Ingvar    (03)

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