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Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 15:19:31 -0400
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Jon and Chris,    (01)

You're both correct.    (02)

JA> Peirce invites the reader to his inquiry on truth by
 > mentioning the correspondence theory, but immediately adds
 > that this can afford nothing more than a "nominal definition"
 > of truth.
 > I think it is fair to say that key, active ingredients
 > of truth are missing from correspondence theory recipe.    (03)

CM> It seems to me that Peirce's own fallibilism and his conception
 > of truth as the ideal limit of scientific inquiry presupposes the
 > key philosophical foundation of the correspondence theory, viz.,
 > that there is an objective external world that determines whether
 > or not the things we say are true or false.    (04)

When Peirce said that correspondence provided a "nominal" definition
of truth, he was certainly not denying it.  But by adding the word
"merely", he implied that there was much more to be said, namely
the methodology by which one ascertains whether or not a particular
statement does indeed express a correspondence with reality.    (05)

JA> ... but until we say much more exactly what sort of
 > "correspondence" we have in mind -- Peirce, after all, speaks
 > of "triple crrespondences" as key ingredients of his theory of
 > signs -- we have said very little at all.    (06)

Of course.  But trivializing the correspondence theory is a
serious mistake because there are many people who don't even
admit that.    (07)

Take things one step at a time.  If (p & q) is the case, then
don't condemn somebody for merely saying p.  Peirce never did
that.  He accepted what they said, and then added q.    (08)

If you waste your ammunition on people who are half right, you
won't have enough left for those who are totally wrong.    (09)

John    (010)

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