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[ontolog-forum] Representing mental & emotional states

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Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 11:14:42 -0400
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To all,    (01)

>  >...what about stuff like happiness?
>  >"Happiness" seems to be a mass noun like "water",
>>but it's even harder to measure or refer to.
>Its hard to measure, but that doesn't make it
>hard to *refer to*. What it might make hard is to
>describe it quantitatively, but we now have a lot
>of experience in how to use purely qualitative
>descriptions to draw quite sophisticated
>conclusions, cf. "qualitative physics".    (02)

Social scientists have developed both quantitative and qualitative 
measures of mental/emotional states an/or dispositions -- such as 
happiness, anger, aggressiveness, etc.    (03)

Decision theory has very well developed quantitative methods for 
measuring preferences.    (04)

Kathy    (05)

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