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Dear John,    (01)

<snip>    (02)

>  > It eventually emerged that the groups in the two countries were
>  > NOT using two versions of the same program, but two different
>  > programs with different capabilities.
> There are many possible sources of errors in NL reports, including
> vagueness, ambiguity, and confusion caused by different perspectives
> on the same phenomena.  Two programs written by different people (or
> even by the same person at different times) typically embody different
> perspectives -- or different "ontologies", as one might say.
MW: It is even worse than that. Two implementations of the same system
(same version) can embody different ontologies and be incompatible. 
I know 'cos we've done it thinking that using the same system would 
solve the problem.    (03)

Regards    (04)

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