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Pat,    (01)

I certainly agree:    (02)

PH> There is no mechanical version of common sense, yet.
 > The nearest contender is Cyc, probably the world's
 > largest formalized ontology, with millions of facts
 > at its disposal; but even Cyc is nowhere near what
 > would be needed to mirror the 'common sense' of, say,
 > a six-year-old human child.    (03)

Even getting to the level of a bright 3-year-old is
still a major challenge.  Following are some examples
by a child named Laura at age 34 months:    (04)

    Here's a seat. It must be mine if it's a little one.    (05)

    I went to the aquarium and saw the fish.    (06)

    I want this doll because she's big.    (07)

    When I was a little girl, I could go "geek-geek" like that,
    but now I can go "This is a chair."    (08)

The last sentence has modality, tenses, subordinate and
coordinate clauses, parallel stylistic structure, and
metalanguage about her own language.    (09)

Not all children are that bright, but they all put our best
computer systems to shame in language understanding (and they
put most adults to shame in language learning).    (010)

These examples are from the following paper, which has more
examples by Laura and other children:    (011)

http://pubpages.unh.edu/~jel/JLimber/Genesis_complex_sentences.pdf    (012)

John    (013)

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