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Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 13:48:51 -0600
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>If this thread is about Levels, can there be a numbering system for
>the levels rather than words because interpreting words seems to be
>causing all the problems for reasons stated below. Numbering systems
>as opposed to naming systems are more straighforward and
>dispassionate.    (01)

As long as well all know what the numbers mean, of course :-)    (02)

>Would you say the Levels of on ontology could be:    (03)

Sorry to rain on a parade, but I really don't know what most of these mean.    (04)

>The global view, unedited, uncaptured, fully dynamic    (05)

Er...global in what sense? (Not a joke! Do you mean, global as in 
everyone agrees with it ("Common sense")?
Uncaptured? So is this before we even get started writing it all down 
in some way? If so, I wouldn't call this an ontology at all, more 
like a weltanschauungen.
Dynamic?? Do you mean changing with time? Why would it be? (Other 
than in the sense that all world-views are evolving, etc..)    (06)

>A formal specification, encoded language    (07)

A formalization of a world-view. Thats not a bad definition of an 
ontology, in fact. So yes, this is (I think) an ontology. But this 
seems to me to be where it stops.    (08)

>A well defined syntax-ification process or mapping from ALL to a DESIGN.    (09)

I don't know what the last four words mean in this context.    (010)

>John Sowa cites Robert Frost "every poem is a momentary stay against
>the confusion of the world..."    (011)

Er... what?    (012)

>A story, or local view, a set of information.    (013)

Not a story: ontologies aren't much like stories. I guess many 
ontologies can be seen as 'local views', yes. And virtually anything 
could be described as a set of information.  But I don't see what 
these three ideas have in common.(?)    (014)

Pat    (015)

>    (016)

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