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Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 15:39:42 -0500
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Debbie,    (01)

Re NLP:  NL is a common abbreviation for natural language,
and NLP is natural language processing.  Many people (including
me) have been working on NLP for years, and we have all learned
that the task is much harder than anyone had anticipated.    (02)

 > In highly structured documents and words such as a set
 > of specifications, don't you think identifying ambiguities
 > people do not notice is a different task than looking for
 > and highlighting ambiguities that require interpretation?    (03)

Yes, they are different tasks.  But the ambiguities that
must be resolved for people (who use "commonsense" to
interpret documents) are just a small subset of the problems
that a computer runs into (because it doesn't have commonsense).    (04)

 > Is the purpose of auto-nitpicking (what is supposed to be)
 > structured text to pull out seemingly minor inconsistencies
 > so they can be either dismissed or decided?    (05)

If we want to get computers to help us process ordinary
language, we have to provide them with the kind of background
knowledge (i.e., "common sense") that people use.  But we have
to teach them that background knowledge by using more structured
languages that they are capable of interpreting right now --
examples include symbolic logic or programming languages.    (06)

The hope is that if we provide enough background knowledge,
then perhaps someday they would be able to read the same
kinds of texts that are designed for humans to read.  Some
people (such as Doug Lenat and the Cyc project) have been
trying to do that for the past 22 years, and they still
haven't succeeded (or Lenat would say that they have only
achieved partial success).    (07)

John    (08)

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