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Um...  "every" was qualified by the modifier "almost".  And the 
wrangling IS endless if we define an end to wrangling as the 
existence of a formal agreement as to meaning among the professional 
linguistic, logical and philosophical communities.  There's a virtual 
guarantee that this will be achieved for almost no sentences in any 
natural languages.    (01)

Sorry, couldn't resist.  :-)    (02)

K    (03)

At 5:21 PM -0600 2/20/07, Pat Hayes wrote:
>  >Almost every word in every sentence in every natural language
>>can get professional linguists, logicians, and philosophers
>>bogged down in endless wrangling over what it means.
>Well, it depends on what you mean by "endless" exactly. If this
>really means infinite in the strict sense, then nothing involving
>human beings is really endless, since evolution will eliminate humans
>before the end of the physical universe. And that word "every" is
>notoriously tricky to get right, as we all know.
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