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Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 14:51:26 -0600
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>I may not have worded it correctly, but the key point is that in certain
>languages, some words become "favorites" which I interpreted to mean they
>"carried more weight" than others.  Some words in a sentence actually modify
>the context of the other words in the sentence.    (01)

Almost anything (social or conversational context, irony, sarcasm, 
intonation, gestures, presumptions, ...) can modify the 
interpretation of almost any word in almost any human language. The 
moral to draw is that human languages are a poor model for ontology 
languages, which have to be used by poor dumb uncultured computers 
with no wise humans to help them.    (02)

>  This makes it very
>difficult to nail down the semantics of any one word in an ontology,
>dictionary or other lexicon.    (03)

Dictionaries have their own problems, but ontologies are something 
else. Fortunately for us, ontologies are written in languages which 
have a very precisely defined semantic theory.    (04)

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