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From: Pat Hayes <phayes@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 09:52:24 -0600
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>I am wishing for an example in nature where a 
>subpart can be driven by larger whole yet both 
>can operate independently.    (01)

Can you say more about what you mean by 'driven' and 'operate' ?    (02)

>  Not the fractal parts to whole relationship 
>necessarily, more along the lines of what 
>natural systems, not shapes, are super detailed 
>and work fairly well at their own level then let 
>the modular upper version plug in and make them 
>more efficient?    (03)

Let me see if I understand. You want a case where 
there is a 'small' thing which operates 
successfully in some sense, but also when it is 
incorporated into some 'larger' thing as a part, 
it then still does what it does, but now as part 
of this larger system's activity?  I am sure 
there are many examples of this in biology; the 
mitochondria in animal cells might be one. Or do 
you mean, that when incorporated into the larger 
thing, the small thing can do what it did before, 
but do it 'better', eg perhaps more efficiently? 
Examples of this can be found in chemical 
reactions , eg where the larger thing supplies a 
catalyst for a reaction, or changes the 
temperature or pressure so as to facilitate a 
reaction.    (04)

BTW, I would be interested to know what 
connection you see between this topic and the one 
that Chris Menzel and I were discussing in this 
thread.    (05)

Pat    (06)

>On 2/12/07, Christopher Menzel 
>On Feb 12, 2007, at 12:12 PM, Pat Hayes wrote:
>>>  You're right that import statements should not be considered part of
>>>  an ontology.  I agree it's the imported axioms that are part of the
>>>  ontology.
>>  Wait. Of course the imports statements are part
>>  of the ontology. What are you guys talking about?
>*If* ontologies are logical theories, then it seems to me that this
>confuses a mechanism for saying what (some of) the axioms of an
>ontology are with the ontology.  Suppose I'm writing my ontology for
>TAMU faculty and admin again, and you've got a nice higher-level
>ontology for universities over there at IHMC.  My statement "import
>(reiterate, endorse, whatever) Pat's university ontology" is not part
>of my ontology; it's a mechanism for saying what my axioms are that
>makes efficient use of an open network.
>I'm not dogmatically wedded to the idea that formal ontologies are
>logical theories of some ilk, but if you're right, and my import
>statement is literally part of my ontology, then formal ontologies
>are not (in general) logical theories, and we'd better get clear
>about the connection between the former and the latter.  You seem to
>be favoring the idea that ontologies are rather more concrete than
>I'd been thinking.  Do you think it would be better to say that a
>logical theory is only one of several components of an ontology?
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