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Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 09:10:20 -0800
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>> You read a sentence from the first word to the
>> last word, not picking and choosing your
>> favorites.    (01)

This statement may be true in English, but not in japanese,
Osterreich-Deutsche, high German or Finnish.  Japanese places the context
modifier in the first position of every sentence then the speaker/writer
declares aspects of it in descending order of relevance until the final
syllable at the end determines whether the sentence was a statement,
question, insult, observation etc.    (02)

This is overly simplistic as there are multiple societal variations of every
sentence and even implied contexts for certain phrases.  For example:    (03)

No-mini Ikima san-ka? (spelling is probably off - pronounce "no-mini
Ee-chema sanka") means "would like to go see/do".  If you place the modifier
"Gorufu" or "cohee" in front, it means you either want to go and play golf
or drink coffee.  If you leave the sentence blank, it implies that you want
to go drink alcohol with the person and are even inviting them (on your tab)
to go consume with you.    (04)

Germans have a tendency to place the verb at the end of a sentence although
there are so many exceptions to this slipshod, systemless language that
unless you are born and raised German you will never master the finer
nuances of the art of Deutsche Spreche.  Ich kann ganz gute Deutsche spreche
(verb = Spreche).    (05)

Duane    (06)

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