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Re: [ontolog] ontology tools and an ontology repository?

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Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 08:54:31 -0000
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Adam Pease wrote;
>  One could
> just have a start and end tag around a KIF expression and that would be a
> valid XML document
> <kif>
>   (=>
>      (instance ?X Horse)
>      (exists (?Y)
>        (and
>          (instance ?Y Head-PartOfBody)
>          (part ?X ?Y))))
> </kif>
> What would that sort of encoding allow or prohibit that the more extensive
> XML encoding that I provided below wouldn't?    (01)

Adopting such an approach would make it impossible to use XSL
Transformations to subset the KIF data, or to transform it into another
format. By adopting a more complex XML representation for the KIF statements
you can begin to use standard transformation tools to subset your KIF
statements into a form that could be used in other environments.    (02)

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