OpenOntologyRepository: Project Team Member (regular planning & admin) Conference Call - Tue 2014_07_15    (4E27)

This is a regular OOR Team meeting. We will pick up from where we left off before OntologySummit2014 (i.e. our last monthly OOR team planning & admin call on 2013_12_03 and the OOR Development Workshop on 2013_12_10 that followed).    (4E28)

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3. Key discussion:    (4E49)

... some of the content below are inherited from the previous call(s), and will be edited/updated as this meeting progresses.    (4E4A)

Ref: our list of "Priorities & Most Critical Tasks At Hand" -    (4E4B)

3.1 Review OOR priorities, focus and strategy ... (deferred discussion of this item)    (4E4C)

3.2 Follow-ups relating to PeterYim's retirement    (4E4N)

PeterYim: as most of you already know, I have retired. This is likely my last "regular" meeting with this team. I would like to thank everyone for having given me the opportunity to work with you all. It's been a real honor!    (4E4O)

3.3 Taking inventory of Ontology Repository instances that are in the OOR network    (4E4W)

ref.    (4E4X)

3.4 scheduling of OOR Events'    (4E57)

3.5 Member activities updates - Review: members and OOR-related activities (list from 2013.05.21) ... (deferred discussion of this item)    (4E5I)

4. (some) Prior Discussions:    (4E68)

4.1 Discussion: tactically, what shall we be doing differently in the next 6 to 12 months    (4E69)

4.2 Setting the metrics - what does "success" look like    (4E6F)

4.3 Action planning for "content drive" (getting people to upload ontologies) ... (deferred discussion of this item)    (4E6G)

5. IM Chat Transcript captured during the session:    (4E78)

 see raw transcript here.    (4E79)
 (for better clarity, the version below is a re-organized and lightly edited chat-transcript.)
 Participants are welcome to make light edits to their own contributions as they see fit.    (4E7A)
 -- begin in-session chat-transcript --    (4E7B)
	Chat transcript from room: oor_20140715
	2014-07-15 GMT-08:00 [PDT]
	------    (4EBL)
	[6:59] PeterYim: Welcome to the    (4EBM)
	 = OpenOntologyRepository: Project Team Member Conference Call - Tue 2014_07_15 =    (4EBN)
	* Topic: OOR Moving Forward    (4EBO)
	* Session Co-chairs: MikeDean & PeterYim    (4EBP)
	* Review OOR priorities, focus and strategy    (4E3R)
	** Brainstorm: Future of the OOR Project    (4EBI)
	* Follow-ups relating to PeterYim's retirement    (4E3S)
	* Taking inventory of Ontology Repository instances that are in the OOR network    (4E3T)
	* Scheduling of OOR Events    (4E3U)
	* Member activities updates    (4E3V)    (4EBR)
	Session page:    (4EBS)
	* Attended: MikeDean (co-chair), PeterYim (co-chair), DaliaVaranka, LeoObrst, MichaelGruninger, NancyWiegand, TillMossakowski, ToddSchneider
	* Regrets: MikeBennett, KenBaclawski, GaryBergCross, AdamPease    (4EBT)
	 == Proceedings ==    (4EBU)
	[7:06] PeterYim: == MikeDean and PeterYim starts the meeting ...    (4EBV)
	[7:06] PeterYim: we will try to finish the meeting in an hour if we can (since both Michael and Leo need to leave in an hour)    (4EBW)
	[7:06] List of members: LeoObrst, MichaelGruninger, MikeDean, PeterYim, TillMossakowski, ToddSchneider    (4EBX)
	[7:08] PeterYim: === Brainstorm: Future of the OOR Project    (4EBY)
	[7:08] PeterYim: ==== exploring a closer-coupled working relationship between IAOA and OOR    (4EBZ)
	[7:09] ToddSchneider: Is IAOA interested in running an ontology repository?    (4EC0)
	[7:11] MichaelGruninger: The (currently empty) page for the IAOA Ontology Registries and  Repositories 
        Technical Committee is    (4EC1)
	[7:13] MichaelGruninger: Technical Committees (TCs) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in IAOA differ only 
        in scope (where the latter has a broader scope)    (4EC2)
	[7:15] PeterYim: if OOR gets "absorbed into" the IAOA Ontology Repository TC, would OOR team members need 
        to be IAOA members?    (4EC3)
	[7:17] LeoObrst: IAOA has an exception in the IAOA-SWAO-SIG, in that SIG members do not necessarily have 
        to be IAOA members for participation contribution (but will need to become an IAOA member for voting rights 
        and IAOA membership benefits)    (4EC4)
	[7:17] ToddSchneider: Would the IAOA Ontology Registries and  Repositories Technical Committee absorb all 
        of the past work of OOR?    (4EC5)
	[7:19] MichaelGruninger: The IAOA TC was intended to be a support forum for people to find access to any of 
        the ontology repositories that exist. Ideally, IAOA would like to coordinate the activities of ontology repositories    (4EC6)
	[7:20] MikeDean: Umbrella and infrastructure are attractive, but OOR seems much more mature organizationally.  
        OOR also has an established brand.    (4EC7)
	[7:20] LeoObrst: there is no charter yet for that TC    (4EC8)
	[7:22] ToddSchneider: But if IAOA's 'mission' is to promote the use of ontology, should it not provide a 
        source of ontologies?    (4EC9)
	[7:24] MikeDean: OOR focused on software environment as well as content.    (4ECA)
	[7:26] LeoObrst:  OOR could become a project under that TC    (4ECB)
	[7:31] ToddSchneider: To Support "... the development of collaborations between research and industry" 
        shouldn't IAOA be providing a test bed or an evolving reference implementation?    (4ECC)
	[7:33] ToddSchneider: There are 'standards' and then there are defacto standards. I wouldn't think it outside 
        the scope of IAOA to support the latter.    (4ECD)
	[7:35] ToddSchneider: Can't IAOA afford commercial web hosting?    (4ECE)
	[7:37] MichaelGruninger: @ToddSchneider[7:35] There are many hosting options possible, and we are still 
        sorting out the new configuration    (4ECF)
	[7:36] LeoObrst:  OOR could also remain under new Ontolog    (4ECG)
	[7:37] MikeDean: . as platform host    (4ECH)
	[7:39] ToddSchneider: Who would take over all of the OOR artifacts?    (4ECI)
	[7:44] ToddSchneider: What are the organizational options under IAOA?    (4ECJ)
	[7:47] MichaelGruninger: @ToddSchneider: What do you mean by "organizational options"?    (4ECK)
	[7:48] LeoObrst:  potentially some OOR funding from IAOA    (4ECL)
	[7:50] PeterYim: "IAOA-TC" and "OOR Initiative" relationship possibilities: "identity," "subsumption," "affiliation," "hosting," ...    (4ECM)
	[7:51] PeterYim: ref. OOR's repository network members:    (4ECN)
	[7:54] TillMossakowski: Socop will be hosted by Ontohub, see    (4ECO)
	[7:54] MikeDean: [action-PeterYim] Peter to redirect to OntoHub SOCoP repository, which will 
        now become primary    (4ECP)
	[7:54] TillMossakowski: Peter will change the URL redirection    (4ECQ)
	[8:00] MikeDean: Peter willing to allow us to continue to use indefinitely    (4ECR)
	[8:01] ToddSchneider: Peter, what about the OOR wiki page and all the meeting artifacts?    (4ECS)
	[8:01] PeterYim: exisiting OntologWiki (now at: ) will become a "read only" archive, 
        all content will migrate to the OntologPSMW (now at: ) ... KenBaclawski-NEU 
        and TillMossakowski-Magdeburg are likely going to host that (still working out the details) ... ongoing OOR 
        work could probably continue there    (4ECT)
	[8:01] MikeDean: If email lists change, they should probably become, redirecting to whatever 
        infrastructure is used.    (4ECU)
	[8:01] PeterYim: ^subject to permission by the new hosting party, presumably    (4ECV)
	[8:03] PeterYim: ref. various lists in question:    (4ECW)
	[8:09] PeterYim: [action-PeterYim-TillMossakowski] will move the following lists: [oor-forum], [oor-dev] and 
        [oor-users] from to (along with the 18 IAOA lists)    (4ECX)
	[8:20] PeterYim: NancyWiegand and DaliaVaranka are also in the meeting (have logged in a while back already; Nancy since ~7:30)    (4ECY)
	[8:11] PeterYim: === 3.3 Taking inventory of Ontology Repository instances that are in the OOR network 
        -    (4ECZ)
	* SOCoP-OOR (taken offline since 2014.03.25 - ref. ) 
          - to be re-directed to Ontohub as discussed above, ref. TillMossakowski-PeterYim-MikeDean [7:54]
	* SIGMA (SUMO, MILO, ...) - still on CIM3.NET now, but will likely be migrated to AWS by mid-August 2014
	* ESIP-Portal? - let's pursue having them join the OOR repository network [... PeterFox, NancyWiegand, LinePouchard, NancyWiegand, GaryBergCross]    (4ED0)
	removing:    (4E51)
	* ORNL-DAAC? ... being removed because this is no longer "open" (or openly accessible)
	* OOR-dev ... Peter: will be taken offline after this meeting
	* OOR-test ... Peter: will be taken offline after this meeting
	* OOR-sandbox ... Peter: will be taken offline in August, unless someone takes over the hosting of this [KenBaclawski?]    (4ED1)
	[8:15] TillMossakowski: sorry, I have to go    (4ED2)
	[8:18] PeterYim: [action-NancyWiegand] will work with PeterFox (or LinePouchard & PeterFox) to try to get the 
        ESIP-Portal as part the federated OOR repository nodes (instances) - as in 
        - agreeing to be a node, supporting the OOR vision and mission, and permitting the ESIP-Portal to be 
        addressed as <> (or something similar)    (4ED3)
	[8:20] MichaelGruninger: (was away for about 15 minutes) ok i'm back ...    (4ED4)
	[8:25] PeterYim: [action-MichaelGruninger] will draft something tangible regarding the IAOA-OOR working 
        relationship for review, discussion and decision at the next admin and planning meeting (7/29?).    (4ED5)
        [8:25] ToddSchneider: we need KenBaclawski to be at that meeting too.    (4ED6)
	[8:27] PeterYim: next meeting: Tue 2014.07.22 (same time) - chair: TillMossakowski - topic: "Ontohub API"Tue 2014.07.22 (same time) - chair: TillMossakowski - topic: "Ontohub API" to be presented by TimReddehase (from the OntoHub team)    (4ED7)
	[8:27] MichaelGruninger: I will potentially co-chair the July 29 session with Ken. The intended outcome of 
        this meeting will be an explicit statement of the relationships between OOR and IAOA    (4ED8)
	[8:28] PeterYim: -- session ended: 8:28am PDT --    (4ED9)
 -- end in-session chat-transcript --    (4E7D)

6. Action items:    (4E7E)

7. Any Other Business:    (4E7G)

8. Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:    (4E7I)

 notes taken by: PeterYim / 2014.07.15-12:33pm PDT
 All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.    (4E7O)

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