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Re: [oor-forum] Requirements for Open Ontology Repository

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From: Pat Hayes <phayes@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 15:11:11 -0600
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At 3:41 PM -0500 1/24/08, Farrukh Najmi wrote:
>Dear Colleagues,
>It would be helpful to provide identify the requirements for an Ontology
>Again a requirements wiki page is needed to keep track of our
>requirements gathering efforts.
>Here is an initial list from a quick brain dump (note: Repo = Repository):    (01)

Great, thanks for this. I have some questions.    (02)

>     * Allows authors to create ontology content and store it in a
>       "local" repo    (03)

1. The local/community/root distinction is very 
unclear: both what it means and what it is 
supposed to be for.
2. Does 'ontology content' mean a whole ontology 
or part of one? What counts as a part?    (04)

>     * Allow communities to manage a shared "community" repo
>     * Provide a "root" repo that keeps tracks of community repos and
>       provides the most universal ontology content and metadata
>     * Supports a [maven] like distributed model where content from
>       "local" repo may be "deployed" to the "community" repo or the
>       "root" repo    (05)

3. Why is this needed? Typical ontology content 
can be distributed without harm, and there should 
be no need to keep track of 'builds' and so forth 
as with a large Java project. At the least, we 
should first identify what it is that people want 
to be able to DO with ontologies in such a 
framework, in order to see what kind of 
functionality needs to be supported.    (06)

>     * Allows standard and extensible metadata to be associated with
>       Ontology elements    (07)

4. What is an 'ontology element'? (A single assertion? A term?)
5. What specifies the language or notation in which it is written?
6. What counts as metadata? Is this considered 
part of the ontology content (cf. rdf:SeeAlso and 
rdf:Comment) or distinct from it (say, as XML 
markup properties)?    (08)

>     * Supports flexible search mechanism where domain and community
>       specific parameterized queries may be defined for metadata based
>       searches    (09)

7. Does search mean the same as query? If not, 
what are we searching for? If so, how much 
inferential power should be involved in the query 
answering process? (Warning: this is a huge 
tarpit, cf. the recently released SPARQL W3C 
standard.)    (010)

>     * Supports flexible subscription and notification feature to keep
>       interested parties notified of changes to artifacts
>     * Supports automatic cataloging of published artifacts
>     * Supports automatic rule-based validation of submitted artifacts    (011)

8. What is an artifact?
9. What does 'validation' mean when applied to ontologies?    (012)

>     * Maintains change history for all artifacts in repo
>     * Supports a set of minimal authentication mechanisms (e.g. Basic,
>       HTTPS mutual, OpenId)
>     * Provide fine grained role-based access control and authorization
>       over all actions
>     * Support seamless search over multiple repos (local + community,
>       local + community + root, other...)    (013)

Pat    (014)

>Related Links:
>[maven] http://maven.apache.org/
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