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Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2015 23:09:01 +0000
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Ravi Sharma:

1.       low frequency alpha wave relation to anticipation beyond 1000ms

This is experimental work I felt like sharing. In my own work, so far, I dealt with the motoric _expression_. BUT: In 1991 (MIND-Anticipation and Chaos, a book of mine) I claimed that the human does not only react to stimuli but produces information. In some way this work is a proof. More will come, I am sure. Soon I will give a talk at the Russian Academy in St. Petersburg: Anticipation and he Brain. Will keep you in mind.

2.       TM and Auspiciousness—never tried myself. Great suggestion.

3.       Is there really a correlation with violent or peaceful thoughts in your anticipation work?

I wish I could answer. Keep in mind that I published a large annotated bibliography of anticipation (International Journal of General Systems, Volume 39, Issue 1, 2010 (also available on my site: http://www.nadin.ws/archives/1316)--

there are titles that point in this direction.

4.       You say: There is some physics or metaphysics that I can translate, from Sanskrit if interested

Very much so…Would be delighted…


Mihai Nadin






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