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Dear Ontologists,


My son in law is a biologist who works with a newer technology called "flow cytology".  His descriptions of the process are insightful, and help me understand the promise of individual cell technologies.  There is an article in Technology Review which describes the present and upcoming state of that technology:




If we (Tonto) can make a total function mapping each functional snippet of DNA to a list of biochemical reaction equations, then it would be possible to simulate a human patient undergoing a treatment before actually performing that treatment, just to be sure the human lives through it. 


But even more exciting is the single cell laboratory concept where one or two ginormous molecules are squeezed into the intracellular space - concentrate cells of that single type and we (Tonto) can make accurate measurements of biochemical functionality for each allele. 


I hope someone here knows a lot more about this technology than I do, and can explain the promises and risks to the rest of us. 


Would an ontology of all reactive DNA to RNA to protein sequences be useful for medicine?  Not being that kind of a doctor, I don't know, but would like to hear from the medical docs about what they think. 



Rich Cooper,

Rich Cooper,


Chief Technology Officer,

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