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Re: [ontolog-forum] How should we design a good wiki? [was Marvin Minsky

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Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2014 11:40:36 -0400
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I agree generally with John's points, and think that a Wiki-like
presentation  would be a good idea.  I would favor a format with, in
addition to a FAQ-like Q&A section, a section where, for issues not
generally agreed on, there are  two columns, having (where appropriate)
different views on opposite sides, closely aligned so as to present the
alternative views side-by-side on a single page.  Do we have a Wiki that
could be arranged like that?    (01)

I would also favor that it be a closed wiki, requiring either membership in
the Ontolog forum or specific authorization from a moderator to add or
change items. (trolls are everywhere)    (02)

This would hopefully go a long way toward reducing the repetition in the
current discussion format.    (03)

Pat    (04)

Patrick Cassidy
1-908-561-3416    (05)

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 >I changed the subject line in response to the following:
 >Michael B
 >> if the same people debate the same problems over and over, only
 >> newcomers really profit from that.
 >> A FAQ or a collections of documents / former discussions would be a
 >> good idea but is not so intriguing to newcomers as an ongoing
 >> discussion.
 >Those are good points, but what should we do?
 >The Ontolog archives contain the former discussions, but it's hard to find
 >threads that are relevant to new discussions.
 >And they seldom, if ever match new questions exactly.
 >A FAQ about the issues in Ontolog Forum would be as complex as a wiki
 >devoted to ontology and related issues in AI, KR, knowledge acquisition,
 >software development, etc.
 >Ontolog Forum has a blog, but it's not as active as the forum.
 >And a blog has the same issues of finding relevant topics as the archive.
 >As a test case, consider the following question.  How could a front-end to
 >archive, blog, or wiki generate or lead to anything useful?
 >> I have read a good part of the paper and now wonder how Minsky's
 >> frames are different from the much loved and despised "primitives"
 >> in this forum.
 >Pat C
 >> There is no relationship whatever.  Frames are a syntax, and
 >> primitives are intended to capture the semantics ("meaning") of terms
 >> in a logical, computational form.  The meanings can be expressed in
 >> any sufficiently expressive syntax.
 >That's a good answer, but I'd add a qualification:  They're different, but
 >complementary.  More information would be needed to explain how.
 >What kind of automated or semi-automated tool(s) could generate, find, or
 >lead to anything similar?  Or better?  Or sufficiently informative to
 >somebody to understand the relationships?
 >For the record, I typed the following words to Google:
 >    Minsky's frames primitives ontolog
 >The first hit was a slide presentation by Aldo Gangemi:
 >Those slides are relevant, but they don't answer the question.
 >(By the way, the repetitious verbiage in the URL is not helpful.)
 >Other hits lead to all sorts of related readings.  Anyone who spent hours
 >reading them might learn a lot, but not get an answer to the original
 >Could any wiki supported by automated tools answer such questions?
 >How should we design a wiki for ontology and related topics?
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