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John, you wrote:

  6. The theory of prototypes was well established by Aristotle in

     his biological writings.  His logical writings were the source

     of the theory of categories that Lakoff criticized.  But in his

     more voluminous biological writings, Aristotle argued for a

     bottom-up theory of analysis based on *prototypes* rather than

     top-down definitions.  He explicitly said that any definition

     of species or genera must be based on a detailed description

     of a specimen, and that the definitions must *change* when

     new discoveries are made.  Kant and many others made similar

     observations -- but with the term 'schema' rather than prototype.


Are you saying that Kant’s schema was a bottom-up, empirical development of categories?  It’s good to hear that Aristotle had such good sense, but I didn’t expect that from Kant. 





Rich Cooper


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