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Re: [ontolog-forum] Grover Models

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Jim,    (01)

Just an aside: semantics is not equal to ontology. So ways of referring \= 
referrents. One typically determines the denotation of the expression to get at 
the semantics, which may point initially to the "concepts", which typically are 
placeholders for the "referents", i.e., the things in the world.     (02)

Leo    (03)

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>Is it actually wrong to model with prepositions, or is it just not a
>recommended practice? For the "X is-sister-of Y" relation here is a graph
>(the syntax [[resource-name]] connotes a wiki link, that is, a pagename in
>the wiki or a subobject of a page in the wiki). Below I'm keen to easily
>resolve both 'has' and "is-a" Sister kind of queries.
>[[Person:X]] has [[Sister:Person:Y]]
>[[Person:Y]] has [[Sister:Person:X]]
>[[Person:X]] of [[Type:Sister:XY]]
>[[Person:Y]] of [[Type:Sister:XY]]
>[[Sister:Person:X]] of [[Type:Sister:XY]]
>[[Sister:Person:Y]] of [[Type:Sister:XY]]
>[[Sister:Person:X]] for [[Person:X]]
>[[Sister:Person:Y]] for [[Person:Y]]
>[[Type:Sister:XY]] of [[Type:Sister]]
>[[Type:Sister:XY]] has [[Instance:Sister:XY]]
>[[Instance:Sister:XY]] of [[Type:Sister:XY]]
>[[Instance:Sister:XY]] for [[Person:X]]
>[[Instance:Sister:XY]] for [[Person:Y]]
>...describing the Sister(hood) instance further:
>[[Instance:Sister:XY]] in [[Category:Legal]]
>[[Instance:Sister:XY]] in [[Year:1953]]
>[[Instance:Sister:XY]] on [[Day:12-01]]
>[[Instance:Sister:XY]] by [[Adoption:Person:Y]]
>[[Instance:Sister:XY]] until [[Death:Person:Y]]
>...describing Type:Sister(hood) further:
>[[Type:Sister]] of [[Type:Relationship]]
>[[Type:Sister]] in [[Category:Human]]
>[[Type:Sister]] in [[Category:Familial]]
>[[Type:Sister]] in [[Category:Symmetric]]
>Any takers how other ontologies would express the information above?
>Thanks - jmc
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