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Date: Tue, 21 May 2013 18:09:37 -0800
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Is it actually wrong to model with prepositions, or is it just not a
recommended practice? For the "X is-sister-of Y" relation here is a graph
(the syntax [[resource-name]] connotes a wiki link, that is, a pagename in
the wiki or a subobject of a page in the wiki). Below I'm keen to easily
resolve both 'has' and "is-a" Sister kind of queries.    (01)

[[Person:X]] has [[Sister:Person:Y]]
[[Person:Y]] has [[Sister:Person:X]]
[[Person:X]] of [[Type:Sister:XY]]
[[Person:Y]] of [[Type:Sister:XY]]
[[Sister:Person:X]] of [[Type:Sister:XY]]
[[Sister:Person:Y]] of [[Type:Sister:XY]]
[[Sister:Person:X]] for [[Person:X]]
[[Sister:Person:Y]] for [[Person:Y]]
[[Type:Sister:XY]] of [[Type:Sister]]
[[Type:Sister:XY]] has [[Instance:Sister:XY]]
[[Instance:Sister:XY]] of [[Type:Sister:XY]]
[[Instance:Sister:XY]] for [[Person:X]]
[[Instance:Sister:XY]] for [[Person:Y]]    (02)

...describing the Sister(hood) instance further:
[[Instance:Sister:XY]] in [[Category:Legal]]
[[Instance:Sister:XY]] in [[Year:1953]]
[[Instance:Sister:XY]] on [[Day:12-01]]
[[Instance:Sister:XY]] by [[Adoption:Person:Y]]
[[Instance:Sister:XY]] until [[Death:Person:Y]]    (03)

...describing Type:Sister(hood) further:
[[Type:Sister]] of [[Type:Relationship]]
[[Type:Sister]] in [[Category:Human]]
[[Type:Sister]] in [[Category:Familial]]
[[Type:Sister]] in [[Category:Symmetric]]    (04)

Any takers how other ontologies would express the information above?
Thanks - jmc    (05)

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