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Re: [ontolog-forum] What is the role of an upper level ontology?

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From: "doug foxvog" <doug@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 May 2013 10:50:08 -0400
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The overly general predicate partOf has two specializations,
organizationalMemberOf and subOrganizationOf, which although
their argument restrictions are different are not disjoint predicates.
The predicate, organizationalMemberOf, maps an IntelligentAgent
to an Organization, while subOrganizationOf maps one Organization
to another.  Since Organization is a subclass of IntelligentAgent,
argument restrictions do not make the two predicates disjoint.    (01)

         (isa ?ORG1 Organization)
         (isa ?ORG2 OrganizationOfSuborganizations)
         (organizationalMemberOf ?ORG1 ?ORG2))
    (subOrganizationOf ?ORG1 ?ORG2))    (02)

         (isa ORG1 Organization)
         (isa ORG2 OrganizationOfSuborganizations)
         (subOrganizationOf ?ORG1 ?ORG2))
    (organizationalMemberOf ?ORG1 ?ORG2))    (03)

Switching between these two predicates led to my error in stating:    (04)

>>> So subOrganizationOf is a specialization of partOf which is not
>>> transitive.
>>> (subOrganizationOf GaithersburgMD StateOfMaryland)
>>> (subOrganizationOf StateOfMaryland UnitedStatesOfAmerica)
>>> (subOrganizationOf UnitedStatesOfAmerica UnitedNations)
>>> (not (subOrganizationOf GaithersburgMD UnitedNations)    (05)

I had started out with a two step non-transitivity example using
MD, US, & UN and the predicate organizationalMemberOf.  I decided to
try for a three step example, but realized that the relationship
between a town and a state was subOrganizationOf , not
organizationalMemberOf.  So i switched the organizationalMemberOf
statements to subOrganizationOf.    (06)

The organizationalMemberOfrelationship exists between the states
and the US because of the form of organization of that country, but
it does not normally exist between countries and top-level subdivisions.
States existed before the US, and they created the US as an
organization of which they were both members and suborganizations.    (07)

-- doug foxvog    (08)

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